Rep. Maureen Walsh acknowledged as champion of early learning

In recognition of her leadership and achievements in early-learning policymaking, Rep. Maureen Walsh has been selected to receive a Crayon Award from the Early Learning Action Alliance (ELAA).

“It’s critical the Legislature invests more in high-quality early learning programs in order to improve school readiness and student outcomes for Washington’s youth,” said Walsh, R-Walla Walla. “We must empower parents to be their children’s first and best teachers, and biggest supporters throughout their educational experience. I look forward to continuing our efforts at the state level to ensure our children are provided safe, quality learning environments to develop necessary skills that will set them on a path to success.”

The ELAA is a coalition of more than 50 organizations that supports and advocates for investments in early-learning programs in Washington state.

Walsh serves as the ranking Republican of the House Early Learning and Human Services Committee.


Washington State House Republican Communications