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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Participate in our telephone town hall: Jan. 28 at 6 p.m.
Rep. Terry Nealey and I are hosting our first telephone town hall of 2015. The town hall is scheduled for Jan. 28 at 6 p.m.. Participating is easy. If you would like to participate, just call the following number and you can listen in. Press star (*) on your telephone keypad to ask a question during the event.

  • Call (509) 885-9012 a few minutes before the town hall begins.
  • Press the star key (*) to ask a question.
  • Listen in to the conversation until your name is called.

Rep. Nealey and I always look forward to hearing your feedback.

We’re about to enter our third week of session. During the past two weeks, I’ve been meeting with constituents from the 16th District, attending committee hearings and meeting with my colleagues in the Legislature on various issues facing our state.

On Monday, Jan. 19, we honored the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The example he left is inspiring to me as a legislator, and I’m grateful that we reserve some time each year, in spite of our busy schedules, to remember the man and the principles he represents. You can watch the ceremony honoring him on the House floor here.

SchoolsOutWAWeatherBalloonA few days ago, I met with some students who traveled to Olympia to launch a weather balloon they built as part of an after-school program. The balloon will capture bird’s eye images of our state and the curvature of the earth. The governor and several legislators joined us for the launch. Thank you to Brent Cummings of School’s Out Washington for providing this great learning opportunity!

I’ve signed onto several pieces of legislation this year addressing issues ranging from early learning, child care systems and higher education, to viticulture programs. As session progresses and we see which bills are likely to get a House floor vote, I’ll be sure to keep you up to date on legislation of particular interest to all of us back home.

Feel free to forward this email to family and friends! Anyone can sign up for the newsletter by going to my website.

As always, I welcome and encourage your feedback and questions, so please don’t hesitate to contact me while I’m in Olympia. It’s an honor to serve you.


Maureen Walsh

State Representative Maureen Walsh, 16th Legislative District
420 John L. O'Brien Building | P.O. Box 40600 | Olympia, WA 98504-0600
(360) 786-7836 | Toll-free: (800) 562-6000